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Research & Development

R&D projects are focused on customer's needs and benefits. Our highly skilled specialists in chemistry, pharmaceutics and process engineering have a deep knowledge of coating technologies for a wide field of product applications.They are up to date with latest quality and safety regulations and standards.

It is Folien Fischer's policy to concentrate R&D activities on environmental friendly water based systems with no harming VOC compounds. Subjects to R&D are substances and formulations that can be wet coated on plastic films, papers or fabrics under atmospheric pressure. Not only chemical formulas are being developed, but complete plastic films, papers and fabrics products with high-end coatings are designed to match specific needs and requirements of targeted markets. From first ideas to thriving products - we create innovations for the success of our customers!
FOLIEN FISCHER AG, Bahnhofstrasse 51, 5605 Dottikon, Switzerland, Phone +41 56 616 76 00, Fax +41 56 616 76 76,