FOFISAFE | security products
Folien Fischer offer an exclusive choice of products to protect merchandise and documents from counter-feiting.

  • Dyed adhesives.
    Individualised color pigments allow the proof of originality of goods.
  • Security systems with tamper-evident features such as VOID-films, blank micro-
    tions, invisi-
    ble markings (UV-fluor-
    escent) for packaging in self-service shelves, duty-free
    bags, envelopes, sealing of documents, etc.
  • FISCODE® PIN mailer for safe transit of passwords, bank and login data, PIN and PUK codes for mobile phones. Secret information is readable only after irreversible manipulation of the product (tamper-evident). Certified safety.
  • Transparent Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films with hologram embossing, on request with individual patterns.
  • Integrated data storage with magnetic stripes and contactless RFID transponders.
  • Scratch-off coatings for parking permits, lottery tickets, etc.
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